Aaron Cohen National Security Expert

Aaron Cohen is a nationally recognized counterterrorism expert and one of Keanu’s instructors for the John Wick franchise.  

In 2015 Cohen founded CHERRIES along with former members of Israel's various special operations units which specializes in manufacturing plain clothed and concealed carry gear thats simple and highly functional for law enforcement, military and security professionals and providing soft target security training to schools, hotels, churches, large venues, night clubs and malls.

Additionally, Cohen is a nationally recognized security and counter terrorist expert and appears regularly on all major national news channels and has been featured on/in Vanity Fair, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Bravo, E! Channel, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety to name a few and is currently the host of KFI AM 640’s ‘Real Security’, the only pure security and counter terror focused show in the US. 


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